Sources of Data

30 Jan 2023

In research, there are primary and secondary sources of data. Primary data is data or information which is collected by the researcher himself from his subjects or
units of inquiry. Primary data are the sampling or study units regarding which information is to be collected on first hand basis through interview, measurement, observation or
questionnaire completion, or recording of official transactions. Even by census enumerators as in the case of the 2006 census in Nigeria.
Secondary sources of information or data are
obtained second hand from published or recorded sources and used for a purpose different from that of the agency that
initially collected and published the data. There are two general sources of secondary data. These are internal
sources and external, sources. Or better still, published and unpublished sources. Internal data are available within the
firm or organization whereas external sources provide data that are developed outside the firm or organization. (Nwizu, 1998)

A. Internal sources
i.  Accounting records
ii. Sales force records
iii. Previous research studies
iv. Special audits and reports

B. External sources
i. Journals
ii. Books
iii. Articles
iv. Official reports and statistics
v. Newspapers
vi. Magazines
vii. Record of institutions etc.

C. The Use of Documentary Source
Data on events relating to the past are often obtained from Documentary Sources.

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