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21 May 2023

1. Crypto airdrops:

Airdrops are free distributions of crypto tokens. You can participate in airdrops by performing tasks related to the blockchain or token making the drop.

see airdrops

requires a metamask.

2. walk 2 earn :

Some mobile apps allow you to earn money by walking or exercising. These apps use fitness trackers to measure your steps and reward you with crypto tokens or real money in exchange for your physical efforts. You can passively collect money. It is possible to install several.

Aruco is an application that rewards you in crypto every time you walk. It offers to play games to increase its drops that you can exchange for cryptos. This app allows you to multiply your drops by 5 by watching a video. Weak point: collection of points not automatic

invitation code: 7V64DLDFW4

Sweatcoin is an alternative that offers its own crypto. Here the harvest is automatic.

If you want explore other way to getsome money online .Check my document with the end of this guide.

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