24 Aug 2022

I am really exhausted 
I am a very busy person. 
I have several pieces to deliver by Friday and I don’t think I’ll meet the deadline. 

I suffer from anxiety attacks, and when I’m overwhelmed, like I am right now it affects me. 

I know I am supposed to take care of my mental and physical health in a bid to get financial wealth but nobody cares and the company does not allow itself to be concerned about you, if you don’t meet the target you will get laid off 

Last month I had a crises in front of the zonal head, it was embarrassing to say the least, he looked really appalled and mentioned we don’t maintain a sane working environment, I was queried. 

The work environment I’m in is so toxic, but I have to be grateful that at least I have a job right? 

Well, I’m off to work myself to death. 

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