Week In Review: Beta 1.0 Released!

19 Apr 2022

Hello BULBers,

What a great last week it's been! From the team at BULB, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to our latest community members to the platform and thank you all for your engagement.

Today marks the release of Beta 1.0 and we look forward to welcoming a number of our early shortlisted members as they join the community!

New Features

With the release of Beta 1.0, there are some new and exciting features! Below is a list of the most notable updates...

  • The inclusion of the share function will now allow you to earn Sharer BULBmoji points for sharing articles that are featured on BULB. You can now repost your own articles, or the articles of others to earn points.
  • The Writer BULBmoji is now worth 75 points (+25) and requires 30 energy points to use.
  • You can now sort articles by 'Latest' to ensure new articles are given the opportunity to be seen by the community.
  • If you are new to BULB or are still in the process of familiarising yourself with the platform, you can now use the tutorial feature to get fully acquainted with BULB.

Congratulations to Qwavivi007, who earnt the top spot last week and took home first prize with a mammoth 1749 BULB Points! Also, a shout-out to DudeManETH who wrote our article of the week with "The Technology behind Decentralized Exchanges"

If you haven't already, go give it a read!

Still Have Feedback?

1) Complete a short google form here
2) Let the team know directly at info@bulbapp.io

Have a great week everyone!


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Minted Millennials
I really like the new features. Especially being able to search latest posts.
Lovely new features!!
Great features! and thank you for the update
Enjoying the features in the platform. Its great
Great work guys!
MBA ChitChat
Amazing platform built from scratch !
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