How to Source Bluechip NFTs

3 Jul 2022

Many people misunderstand what a bluechip NFT is. This is okay, as there are a lot of projects out there claiming to be "blue-chip" but aren't. 
A Blue-chip NFT is one that is proven to offer amazing utilities, popular and well-known and trusted to be a good investment for the long-term. Blue chips are usually expensive and difficult to purchase when they are finally realized so it is best to try and spot them before launch and try and acquire the whitelist.
Examples of Bluechips BAYC, Cryptopunks, Azuki, on Ethereum chain. SMB, DeGods, Cetz on Creck.

Things to check for in a Bluechip NFTs

1. The Brand: This plays an important role when checking for a blue chip. Some NFT projects are based off their web2 companies. For example Addidas or Nike  launches a genesis collection , one could trust that they would do well because they are already a notable brand which have achieved much success in the web2 world.
So one thing to look out for is their connections, do they have a past brand or project? was it successful or not? Did they offer good utilities and services?.

2.The Founder/Founders: This is also a big aspect of spotting a blue-chip. If a founder has been known to be a huge participant in other successful projects, you could be 90% sure his/her project will also do well due to the backing of the other projects they worked with.

3.Uniqueness: The NFT space thrives  on meta (that is: the trend) and usually a particular way or trend  of a previously successful project is copied by other projects ,leading to Derivatives.
A good sign to look out for is when a project ticks off all the qualities above and still decides to be unique with its art, branding style and methods of marketing. (that is, not following the trend, derivatives use). 
This is usually a bullish signal and might be worth your efforts earning that whitelist or buying from secondary.

Finally, always remember to do your own research carefully, before buying any NFT you feel convicted is a blue-chip.
See you in my next article. Cheerios!!

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