Days of the weak (week)

11 Jul 2022

My alarm clock screams at exactly 9am on a MONDAY.
It's the beginning of the week and it seems like I'm gonna have a long day.

I have to pay my Bro a visit in the hospital tomorrow and I can't choose this.
It's a must and that's why I developed and nurtured this hatred for TUESDAYS.

I'm haunted by memories I can't let go no matter how hard I try.
Because three WEDNESDAYS ago I had to watch my best friend die.

On THURSDAY I have to order for a new set of medications while I fight diabetes.
Scared because after my fight with my landlord, he said "You'll die, bet this".

They say "Thank God it's FRIDAY (TGIF)" but I'm not really that grateful for this.
Because I'm living a sad life and I haven't stopped feeling miserable for days.

I was engulfed by an ocean of thoughts last SATURDAY.
On the couch in the front porch where I sat all day.

Then on SUNDAYS I go to church because I'm not an atheist
My spiritual life may be as weak as I yet I still believe God exists.

Jude Umoren, 'Days of the weak (week)' (online, 2020) <>.

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