Post credit scene of Miss Marvel Explained.

13 Jul 2022

Finally ,today the finale of Miss marvel released and as soon as possilbe I watched it. The shows just averages. The main things we see from it are : 

Lesson learnt from Miss Marvel :
1) Department of damage Control isn't bad but some employess miuses the company's powers and misbehaves towards some cases.
2) Kamraan partnered Reddragon. It means if you are in trouble and alone ,you can partners with your worst enemy if they can cure you.
3) Miss marvel will always helps people no matter whats.
4) Having too much powers doesn't It's liked by anyone as Kamraan was not liking his powers. But he was beyond controls and by suggestion of Miss marvel he joined Reddragon who can actually helps him.
5) True friends always helps you in your bad sitaution if they are reachable to you. 

Things clear after Watching Final episode : 
Ok ,now talk about main theme , the post credit scene. 
The bengal in hands of miss marvel started to produce some cosmic energy and then Kamala or simply Miss marvel just started to walk away from bed and then she entered some another dimesions or universe through some portals. And then what Captain Marvel appears there.
Thus , from this we learn : 
1) This series is directly linked to movie 'The Marvels'
2) The Bangle in hands of Kamala wasn't normal and doesn't belongs here. In comics , it was quantum based bands.
3) Due to some reasons, Captain marvel have to teleport here and Kamala might have went some dimensions.

Future expectation 
Ok , what stranges this we could see because of this : 
1) First of all, how Kamala's parents will react if they saw Captain Marvel instead of her daughter in bed in mornings or day after.
2) How Kamraan and Reddragon behaves each others and will Kamraan learn to control his powers.
3) The more things will be soon revealed in upcoming The Marvels movies where both Captain Marvel and Miss Marvel both will appears thus named 'The Marvels' .

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