Create your persistence!

21 Nov 2023

We are living in modern digital world where routine jobs are becoming history and new faces of technology appearing with great opportunities. 8 to 4 jobs where time , uniform, workplace and fixed schedule restrictions are snatching our energies, exactly there new horizons are waiting for us.
Normally we all have some hobbies, passion, skills by birth and semi techniques to live in life. We started the things in Passion, carry it for some time and then left out.

How successful people reach on sky top ? In my opinion simple rule that not to give up in any circumstances.

Now there are four stages to create persistence for success.

  • Passion
  • Dream & Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Stubbornness

Passion .
Any field which has no passion or not according to your mindset / interests never get any success. So wisly choose that Hobby/ side hustle/ passive income source which has potential and your mind has interest flow to it. Because lot of adopted passions ended on withdrawal and not reached on second stages. Create passion for that particular thing, learn about it , attend online/ physical courses, read experience of successful persons of that field. Because knowledge is best
master for passion.

Dream & Commitment
Once Passion reached to point of no returns, now make and show commitment that how much serious you are for that. Quality time , extra effort and total energy must spent on it. Think about it even in dreams which must be bigger or at least more then current capacity. Bigger dreams always drive you fir more efforts which ended on good results. So your commitment should be genuine for your goal achievement.

Passion created and you are committed for the certain goal , now turn for your dedication. Sliced down the cake into portions for better chew. Prepare plan to execute and monitor it daily. Initially took small portions to do , it will create a habit to do and then your mind will start accepting challenges. Fire up your all energies in the achievement and don't look back to others or don't listen others. Don't tell too much to everyone about your struggles and don't share it with in circles because jealousy of circle will create leg pullers.

Stubbornness for achieving goals is compulsory because it will generate Extra energy to fight. To fight with circumstances, to fight with yourself, to fight with hurdles of the pathway, to fight with jealous colleagues and fake friends.

Stubbornness also not allowed us to give up and keep us pushing towards our destination. On lot of occasions we tired and stressed, we thrive and slow down, we tired and think to give up , we tired in searching the solutions but our stubbornness promote our energetic cells in metabolism to fight with and stay in till last breath.

Stubbornness force is to keep trying until last success. Some experts took stubbornness as a weaknesses because in Thier opinion stubbornness born from fear of failure but I didn't agree to them. In my logic stubbornness make us more stronger to face hurdles and challenges. It gives us encouragement to be alive in the fire of struggle.

Thanks for being here on my article.


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