20 Sept 2022

I am feeling at my lowest right now and I can’t deal with being around people. So music is my only companion at the moment. 
I'm so sick I can’t think clearly, it’s hard for me to breathe, I’m wheezing, my cough is severe. Now add all this to the emotional trauma I’m going through. 
I’m constantly trying to occupy myself so I don’t have to think. 
I might be having mid life crises at the moment, but I’ll get better. I can’t wait to get better so I can actually start enjoying the little moments in life. 

I’m doing a water therapy so I can get my self back. My friends say I’ve lost weight and feel down I can feel it. I feel like I’m a shadow of myself. 
I will try as much as possible to leave the house even if it’s to stare at trees next week but for now I will reside in solitude. 


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