Top 3 favourite NRL players

4 Aug 2022

NRL is coming to a close with only 5 more games left for most teams, this article will be my favourite players from this season 

  • Number 3 is Pane Hass this year he was unstoppable as always being huge he just gets line break after line break making he’s team so much better

  • Number 2 is Brian To’o, he plays for the panthers the best team in the comp, he is also a very funny person in interviews and messing round with he’s team mates. But when the team needs him he gets down to business 

  • Number 1 is Nathan Cleary who also plays for the panthers, there is no doubt that this year Nathan Cleary was the best player in the league and put his team on his back amazing player.

With the season ending soon i can’t wait for the finals I hope that the sharks win 🤞

Who is your favourite player tell me in the comments.



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