22 Oct 2022

Blockchain test networks, or testnets, behave and function in a manner comparable to the main networks (mainnets) with which they are affiliated. The coins on a testnet have no relation to transactions and value on the mainnet because they run on different ledgers from the mainnet.

This makes it possible for developers to freely deploy, test, and run their projects on a working blockchain. Developers require a workspace where they can comfortably complete their work without running the danger of failure or mistakes on a mainnet, where the penalty of either is quite high and occasionally irreversible.

Any decentralized platform's developers place a great focus on security. Utilizing a testnet also has the advantage of allowing for the investigation of any platform flaws and the training of developers on how the platform functions.

Before newly created changes are merged with the mainnet, it is crucial to verify how they perform in testnets for pre-network upgrades.

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