What awaits us?

14 Mar 2023

What is waiting for us, Crypto investors, in the near future?

Since Bitcoin ATH at 68744 USD, we came a long way down, not only bitcoin and ethereum but most of the coins suffered great losses. But what lies ahead?  
Is the future bright? Let me introduce you to my view and way of thinking.
I wish you a pleasant lecture.

There's no need to panic, we missed the iceberg.

The road to this point wasn't a walk in a park. Seeing your portfolio shrink day by day is painful and frustrating, but it's a cost people who didn't sell must pay. The reward is the so-called Bull Market when every candle is green and Lamborghini can't keep up with the production. As far as I can tell, bulls have had enough of this red slope and already started pouring large money again.  
Recent news about SVB and Silvergate could have been trigger points for a further large melt of the crypto market cap, but it seems that the cold winter is over, and we are heading for the ceiling again.

And it's good that all of the bad things happened. 

We all know the proverb: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". Many things could have killed Crypto. FTX, Binance, SEC, SVB, Silvergate, Luna, and the list goes on. But here we are, standing proud, defending the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. We are far from dead, exhausted, but not dead. At this point, it's hard to avoid using the word "attacked", because certainly, crypto was under attack. 
But it seems "our enemy" underestimated the perseverance and persistence we have. And when the banks begin to burn, Bitcoin begins to shine bright.
We got rid of most of the bad actors, they either stopped seeing crypto as a quick buck scam scheme or got themselves into trouble like Do Kwon or SBF. Crypto became a much cleaner place and it's a good thing.
There are still, some issues that require further work, but it's safe to say that crypto is here to stay. 

Most importantly, adoption.

We all want crypto to be useful. But how to achieve it? The Internet became useful because it offered a never before seen tool for human-to-human interaction. It didn't happen all at once, the framework was ready and then more and more people started to use it. That's how adoption boosted the overall usefulness of the Internet. 
The same goes for Crypto, it's an "Internet of Value", today, many protocols try to improve their frameworks but to make this "new Internet" complete, those protocols need users. 
And adoption is driving a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ on a German autobahn. New users join, and today it's really hard to find a person who didn't at least heard about bitcoin or ethereum.

But what is the future?

The future seems to be bright. Countries didn't ban crypto, and the halving is approaching. This may drive prices crazy again, and catch even more users.
It is hard to tell if the crypto landscape will remain the same, or will the top 10 change by this day, but most of them, with userbase and applications, will thrive and grow.
To be extra safe, do not forget about the self-custody of your assets. Many of the miraculous companies that ensured the safety of funds are long gone and having a ledger or trezor is not a bad idea if you hold a considerable amount of assets. 
What are your thoughts? Share them with me in the comments.
None of the information in this article should be considered financial advice, it's my analysis and facts I wanted to share with this wonderful community.

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