Never give up

3 Dec 2022

In life, there are moments when the going gets slick and you trip and fall.
But don't give up; simply stand up and move on.

Don't think that way when you feel like you've had enough and can't take any more; thoughts like that should be disregarded.

Hold onto that rope if you're hanging precariously over a cliff.
Someone will pull you back up, so make a call for assistance. Always have hope.

Just keep moving if you find yourself lost in the pitch-blackness of night because the sun will rise and illuminate your path.

It appears to be an insurmountable riddle as you turn in every direction in a pitch-black tunnel.
There is always a way out, so keep going because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nothing can make you give up on your old fantasies.
This is the cause of your journey's length.

You will have to struggle and endure hardships in order to pursue your dreams.
But make every effort to get there. You can survive if you persevere.

Your efforts will be rewarded for your sacrifices when you receive your reward.
It will feel wonderful to experience the joy and glory surge into you.

Never give up and never yield.
You will be the one to wear the crown if you succeed.

Nothing should stand in your way.
It all depends on your approach and preferred playing style.

Never, under any circumstances, give up on your dreams.


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