No man is an Island

16 Feb 2023

Is the above assertion true? Definitely, everyone will give a positive affirmation to that question. But thinking critically, we may expect answers like ‘ it depends on the situation', ' an island of what?’ and the likes. If you find yourself in this situation, it means that you are a critical thinker, a problem solver, as well as a future changer since you are not just satisfied with any answer thrown to you.
I am of the opinion that no matter the situation, no matter the however you want to put it, ‘no man is an Island.’ At this point you will definitely opt to ask yourself what an island is, but ' whooooosh ' the definition appears in your mind as though it was waiting for your call. Yet you are not satisfied as you will look up for the contextual meaning of the word and yet you will still be led by you uncompromised brain back to your original answer. Believe me you will smile at this point.
An island stands isolated and completely demarcated from it kind by a very different element in which she cannot relate with. With the above in mind, I will implore my readers to picture a financially independent man in their mind with lots of companies and good mansions. Let’s consider his source of income. He has employees, he has customers. Let’s now picture his state when we remove his employees and his customers. You should know what he will look like.
We are all interconnected in ways and manners that we can’t explain to bring about coexistence. If we were all producers, who will be the buyers? If we were all illiterate, who will be the teacher? If we were all employers, who will be the employees? But this should not make you belittle yourself and succumb to the temptation of not dreaming big.
Dare to stand out not as an island but as the one on top of the food chain. Employing people, training leaders and shaping the future and not to lazy about waiting for who will employ you. If you are satisfied with where you are I want to bring this good news to you. ‘where you are is not satisfied with you. So stand out and impact lives for no man is an island

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