Poverty And Wealth Are Neither Fixed Nor Absolute States.

13 Sept 2023

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Poverty and wealth are relative concepts that depend on the perception and comparison of each individual. However, there are two factors that usually determine the degree of poverty or wealth of a person: time and money. These two resources are scarce and valuable, and their distribution is unequal and unfair in the world.

Time is a limited and irreversible resource that we all have in common, but that we cannot control or recover. Time is what allows us to live, learn, work, enjoy and create. Time is what defines us as human beings. However, time is also what limits us and subjects us to finitude and mortality.

Money is a resource created by humans to facilitate the exchange of goods and services, and to measure the value of things. It is what allows us to satisfy our basic needs and access opportunities for development and well-being. It is money that differentiates us as social beings. However, money is also what divides us and generates inequality and conflict.

The relationship between time and money is complex and paradoxical. On the one hand, it is said that time is money, because time can be invested or spent in productive or lucrative activities, or it can be saved or wasted in unproductive or fruitless activities. On the other hand, it is said that money does not buy time, because money cannot lengthen or stop the passage of time, nor can it guarantee the quality or happiness of the time lived.

The difference between poor people and rich people lies in the quantity and quality of time and money they have or can access. Poor people are those who lack time or money, or both, to satisfy their basic needs and personal aspirations. Rich people are those who have time and money to cover their basic needs and achieve their personal goals, but with money and without time you are also a poor person.

However, poverty and wealth are not fixed or absolute states, but are dynamic and relative processes. A person can go from being poor to being rich, or vice versa, depending on changes in his or her personal situation or social environment. A person can feel poor or rich, regardless of their actual level of income or their actual amount of time available.

Therefore, poverty and wealth depend not only on time and money, but also on other factors such as education, health, culture, family, friends, values, attitudes, expectations and decisions. . Poverty and wealth are subjective and multidimensional concepts that require critical analysis and collective action to understand and transform them.

"To invest you don't have to be a millionaire, but to become a millionaire, you have to invest". - Anonymous.


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If you going through a hard time, you need to read this
Thanks for sharing. So many great ideas towards wealth
Absolutely, the dynamics of poverty and wealth are complex and ever-changing. They are not set in stone but rather fluid states influenced by various factors, including economic conditions, personal choices, and societal opportunities. Recognizing this fluidity is essential in addressing issues of inequality and working towards a more equitable society. It reminds us that positive changes and opportunities for all are indeed possible.
Just know how to manage your time and money and it will go a long way
Absolutely, the concept that poverty and wealth are not fixed or absolute states is a crucial perspective to consider. Society often views these conditions as static, but they are inherently dynamic and subject to change over time. People can move in and out of poverty, and wealth can be acquired or lost through various circumstances and opportunities. Recognizing this fluidity underscores the importance of addressing factors like education, access to healthcare, and economic opportunities to empower individuals and communities to improve their circumstances. It also emphasizes the need for empathy and support, as anyone can find themselves in a different economic situation than they started with due to life's unpredictability. So, it's essential to approach poverty and wealth with a flexible and compassionate mindset to foster a more equitable society.
Intriguing article
Great thoughts! Though, if you live in a country that is and will remain underdeveloped in your lifetime it will be very difficult to accumulate wealth, but you will be left with a lot of time to despair.
The only constant in life is change which is while poverty and wealth are variabls to the function called life
the last quote always hit me no matter how many times I read it "To invest you don't have to be a millionaire, but to become a millionaire, you have to invest" Pantsula quote
Your status in life can change any time so don't feel too high or down at your present way of living