Smoking and its adverse effect to health

30 Jul 2022

Some habits we carry out daily might affect our health adversely in the long run. Some of these habits e.g smoking. It can never be just one puff or two or three. That one alone goes a long way in damaging our health.
Numerous harmful effects on the body might result from cigarette smoking. Some of these may cause complications that are fatal. Smoking raises one's risk of developing cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.

Lung Disease: Because a person inhales nicotine along with other substances when they smoke, it harms their lungs. Lung cancer risk has significantly increased as a result of smoking cigarettes. For men, this risk is 25 times higher than for women, it is 25.7 times higher. Smoking has also been linked to the onset of emphysema. Additionally, they may cause or aggravate an asthma episode.

Heart Disease: Cigarette smoking can harm the blood arteries, the heart, and blood cells.
The tar and chemicals in cigarettes can make someone more susceptible to atherosclerosis, or the accumulation of plaque in the blood arteries. Blood flow is impeded by the buildup, which may also result in harmful obstructions.

Health they say is wealth. You only live once and that means we should be intentional about our health.

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1 Comment

Dave Ating
The fact that these smokers after seeing btje warning that smokers are liable to die young yet they still proceed and continue smoking marvels me. It will s like seeing fire and being fully aware that fire can burn yet you still go ahead and put your hand inside it. My advice is whatsoever happens to you please don't blame anybody