A friend

16 Dec 2022

Who is friend

A friend is someone to with whom we can share something which we cannot share with our own family. Friend is someone who is not from our family but it is not less than our family also.

When we go to school we make a lot of friends. We don't make friends by seeing their family status, or anything, we see their good heart. And the friendship which become in school become the most strongest friendship.

Meaning of a real friend

A friend is one with whom we are sitting no talk is going on between us but we are happy that he/she is with us this is friend.

We make a lot of friends some are our real friend some are fake friends .
A real friend is one who is always with us in our good and bad times . A friend knows what is going in our mind if we say nothing to him but he understands our feelings very well.

Difference between a Real and Fake Friend

A real friend will be always with us but a fake friend will be with us in our good time but in our bad time we will not find him he will not be there for us but a real friend will always be there for us . A real friend might get busy but he will find some time for us in our bad times. A fake Friend only remember us when he has some work from us . A real friend will might not with us in our good
times but he will come first in our bad times.

If a friend who is angry on us because of something go and talk to him keep side your ego and say sorry to him.
Don't loose a real friend because this world is full of fake people and friends and very less people are our real friends.

Don't make a lot of friends but to whom
You do real friendship treat them like your family, keep your circle small and happy.

So if you have not talked to your friends from a long time you might be busy go and talk to them you will happy.

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So guys one more thing in search of new friends don't forget your old childhood friends.
Without a friend one's life is incomplete, they are our second lives, they support us in each and every situation.
Sometimes we may feel that we can go through life on own without a friend or a someone to talk to as the days goes by, but that is not always the case because, not having friends may lead to loneliness and in the long run depression