4 Apr 2023

New beginnings are beautiful and soothing for one’s soul honestly it’s like a breathe of fresh air to you mind, body and soul. 
Your past can be a very dreadful place to look back at or think of but you have chosen to be at a better place with yourself and so cheers to that Cheers to you for choosing to move past the hurt. 
Cheers to you for realizing that you deserve so much more than you got. 
Cheers to you for removing yourself from situations
that brought you despair and more heartaches. Cheers to you for choosing yourself over and over again. 
Cheers to you for choosing to start over instead of dwelling in shame and guilt.
New beginnings give us the chance to redo our life; to learn from our mistakes and live fully and freely. 
Embrace your new beginning; this is yours. Explore, take your time.
Listen to what works and what doesn't. Don't be in a hurry to catch up with friends it’s okay to be left behind from some certain trends as long as your in your “Evolving Era” 
Love yourself first Before someone else can love you
Brace yourself First Before someone else can Brace you
Find Happiness in your space before you let other people in your space

To each person, his purpose, pace, and timing.

All that matters at the end of the day is YOU

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