3 Jan 2023

Breakfast is very important in your life as it is the first meal we take after sleep it become more important to take a good and healthy breakfast. Many peoples skip the breakfast we should not do this because our body needs some energy to do work and consume some calories as if we will not take breakfast our calories ate not consumed.

Advantages of breakfast :

1. Energy : It will give to enough energy to do work in morning and you will not feel like tired.

2. Essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients : If you are eating a healthy breakfast it will give you various vitamins and minerals which will be good for health.

3. Boost brainpower : If you have not taken breakfast you will feel sluggish and struggle to focus on something. This is because you may have not enough energy to focus.

Skipping breakfast :

Some common reason of skipping breakfast included :

1. You my have not enough time or you are busy or you want to sleep more.

2. May be you are trying to loose weight so you are skipping breakfast.

3. You are too tired to make your own breakfast or falled sick.

4. Not eating breakfast because you are bored of eating daily the same type of breakfast.

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