I Killed Queen Monalisa

19 Apr 2024

Queen Mona Lisa, a portrait so fine,
A smile that whispers secrets, all the time.
Her eyes, like pools of mystery and night,
Draw us in, with a gentle, enigmatic light.

Her lips, a subtle curve, a hint of delight,
A smile that suggests, she knows something bright.
Her skin, like alabaster, smooth and fair,
A canvas for Leonardo's skillful care.

A queen of Renaissance, a work of art,
A masterpiece that touches the heart.
Her beauty is timeless, her charm untold,
A treasure to behold, a story to be told.

And here's another one:

Mona Lisa, a queen of grace,
A smile that hides, a secret place.
Her eyes, like windows, to a soul so deep,
A mystery that only, she can keep.

Her lips, a whisper, of a story untold,
A smile that hints, at a heart of gold.
Her skin, like porcelain, delicate and fair,
A canvas for Leonardo's, skillful care.

A queen of beauty, a work of art,
A masterpiece that captures, the heart.
Her enigmatic smile, a treasure to see,
A queen Mona Lisa, eternal and free.

Enigmatic smile, a work of art
A masterpiece that reaches the heart
Lisa del Giocondo, a queen of old
A mystery that never grows cold

Her eyes seem to follow, wherever you roam
A gentle gaze, a hint of a home
A smile that suggests secrets untold
A queen whose beauty never grows old

Leonardo's brushstrokes, a stroke of genius
A painting that time cannot diminish
The Mona Lisa, a treasure to see
A queen of beauty, eternal and free.

Let me know if you'd like me to make any changes!

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