24 Sept 2022

Procrastination is a major problem for most people, whether young or old. It is the desire to relegate work or something that could be done immediately for later. You find that when you say "I'll do it tomorrow", it is difficult to do it the next day too as you'll be tempted to say again "I'll do it tomorrow".

The reasons people procrastinate are numerous. It may be because they are afraid of the task, think it is too difficult, or they are waiting for such a moment when the conditions are perfect and favourable. This may be because they spend too much time thinking and analyzing without actually attempting to do the work, but they usually find that what they thought would be so difficult is actually very easy. Some mischievous persons procrastinate in the hopes that another person would assume responsibility and they would not have to do that task any longer.

People who procrastinate a lot often find themselves in a condition of perpetual regret. They are most times worse off financially, academically, emotionally or physically because they did not do what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it. However, there are easy ways to overcome procrastination. The best way is to always have a positive mindset and always commit to the task or act immediately, then work on your progress as you advance. You can also reward yourself for completing tasks on time. Submitting to a mentor or asking someone to check up on your progress regularly will also ensure that you follow through to the end and that you are not distracted. 
Procrastination is the reason that you do not have that "summer body"; have not excelled in your studies; have not asked your crush out or have not achieved that financial milestone. Get rid of it today and see yourself excel and reach heights you never thought possible before.

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Procrastination is indeed most people's greatest weakness. Overcoming it would mean significant change and more growth in all aspects of your life. If you enjoyed the article, do give it a like and let me know in the comments!
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