Brahmastra-Part 1 :Shiva Upcoming movies

20 Jun 2022

Brahmastra typically by hindu mythology is one of the most powerful weapon created by Brahma ,the creator of universe in hindu mythology. In Sanskrit 'Astra' means weapon.
Brahmastra Part one : Shiva movies is based on many hindu mythology characters. The main leading characters are 'Ranbir Kapoor' , 'Alia Bhatt', 'Amitabh Bachhan' and 'Naga Arjun' and so many other major casts. The film is supposed to be in $30M in USD budget.
The movies is typically saying that there are many astras in universe and they are affecting the modern times. The god has already made the secret teams to not let these weapons used by evil people which could eventually destroy whole planet. This movies is supposed to bring the 'Astra' universe and will be one of the gamechanger in Bollywood for superhero and sci-fi fanstasy genre.
The main plot is based on the fact that even there are many weapons and characters in movies who are trying to collect all peices of Brahmastra hidden in diffrent part of Earth. Once someone collected and reunited these peices in modern time, he eventually does anythings.

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