Follow your Dreams; Even if They're Crazy ✅

23 May 2023

Hey guys, a little different from my usual form, however I'm gonna vent, Real talk, my family, a lot of my friends think I'm a damn fool, not only because I trust crypto more than US dollars, but because I truly believe that I can make a living creating art & music, writing. These guys, I have love for them. Every time I've ever asked them what they truly wished they were doing, it's so far from anything they actually spend their time doing. It's always for the same reasons, not enough time, not enough 💰. That's bullshit. Here's the simple truth from my perspective. If you're passionate about something youve gotta make time for it, it won't matter if you have money for it, you'll find it. If you don't, youre never gonna succeed. I was homeless when I created DapperUndeadSquad. I don't believe in excuses. You need to leave your comfort zone to grow, you have to trust yourself. If not, you will always be busting your ass, so that you can go on to keep doing things you don't want to do, because that place is where your
safe space is. And even worse, you'll teach your children to do the same! I think all of my friends & fam who hate their jobs and accept them are damn fool's. I think they're arrogant for assuming they will always be safe, as though they have somehow lived life better than me. If you've never been alone, without, life has done you no favors, trust me ✅ Live your dreams, and persevere to do it. Don't judge others when you don't understand their path. Appreciate you for taking the time to read this ☺️ I'm going to drop some links to my affiliates & socials. Have a good day fam ✌️😎

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Great post. @Jydstar I know of your interest and passion to innovate there are some good tips to “create the time to follow your passion”.
Crazy dreams make the best reward so keep believing and put in the work
It's a balance. I can't remember where this is from but it's not from me. I like it though. "I was lucky to get hit by the luck truck. I got hit by plenty of other trucks whilst I was out on the road. And I was out on that road a lot. None of them killed me. None killed me because I made sure they couldn't. When someone says to you you need to put it all on the line to truly be successful I'd run away from that person. That person may go on to do something truly great. There is a chance of that. There's a better chance that they will drag you in front of a killer truck. I have run away from those people. I count each and every one of those times as some of the smartest things I've done. I preferred to load the dice in favour of myself before I roll them. My advice to you is to do the same."
Yes following our dreams take some strong decisions and also give the best satisfaction.