I Love Bulb

16 Jul 2022

This is me waking up just a couple of minutes ago and the first I remembered was to post an article here.
Ive been on the Bulb platform for two weeks now and the experience has been awesome.
Writing articles everyday and getting to see what are the thoughts of  other people through what they have written. Bulb is really an amazing project, we’ll organized with a good use case. This is my first time interacting with a write-to-earn and read-to-earn platform and believe me I love it, I love Bulb.
Over the last two weeks I have seen my strength in writing and also  where my weaknesses lies and it has help me so well in the process of becoming a good writer.
I talk about Bulb a lot to people anywhere I find myself. I try to tell them about the project and it works and trust me, they always look so amazed by what I tell them. Will I say I’m overwhelmed by this project? 😁
Anyways, all I know is that “I Love Bulb” 😊

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BULB Official
We love having you too! Thanks for sharing @Joedes :)
It is simply the best Web3 blogging platform on the crypto ecosystem.
You’ve got no other choice than to love BULB , one of the best on the Solana blockchain currently. A project with a true and superb product that can truly benefit the users too, not just the devs
Bulb is really an awesome project. Gradually achieving everything on the roadmap and also hedging closer to the mainnet launch. Bulb surely is going to the moon.
Loved your enthusiasm :)
Sure ,everyone here loves bulb and bulb will be more and more useful when more and more users will be accesible . Currently it's Beta only.
MBA ChitChat
This is exciting to hear from a new user who join recently. I am smiling as I write this comment.
It truly is a wonderful platform. And glad you are enjoying the awesome community.