Bulb Meme Time - December

4 Dec 2023

Memes are powerful tool to interpret the thinking, feeling and emotions and convey the message in sense of humour. It has rich history since paper times when we see some cartoonistic Memes published in different newspapers and magazines. Print media use this tool especially to criticise the governmental policies and geo political issues.

Memes gets more popularity after crypto introduced. People started put their feelings about fluctuation, FUDS, scams and spamming through these Memes.

First of all I am thankful to all my fellows here who appreciates my first Meme post here on bulb. Let's see what I bring today for my Bulb community.

Bulb Post Reward Algorithm
The post rewarding algorithm is mystery in Bulb and definitely it has certain rules and regulations like minimum 550 words or 3 mint read time , genuine content, most relative topic etc on which it rewards any post. The post gets "great" status which is higher rank and post gets extra visibility. But some times we write with great effort but algorithm rejects it and mark it "Good" only and sometimes a normal content gets good appreciation.

First Meme is all about on feelings of a Bulber when he submit a fabulous article with hope for "great" status but algorithm pushed it to lower rank on "Good".

Moderator's Role.
Moderators , validators and monitors are backbone in term of quality control of publications. If we see stats of bulb app more then 4000 solved complains are proof of their hard work. If we are witnessing a clean , pure and organic bulb interface and contents, it is all due to their presence.

Spammers always in hunt for free crypto with their clever tactics. They always dream free money without any effort.The blow meme shows that how moderators keeping them away and shattering their dreams of free $BULB.

BULB - A brand of significance.
When ever we search on any internet engine like Google about web3 social media, we can easily find Bulb in top searches which means people are looking for it. Bulb is dignified web3 social media platform and huge source of pride and dignity for bulbers.

In this meme a Bulber walking through the street of his home town. What making him different and unique? It is a tag of bulb which made him awesome.

Web3 , BULB and Our approach.
Time flying in cruising speed and technologies getting replaced more quickly then ever. Web2 is yesterday's purchase but today looking an ancient times technology.

Web3 is decentralised version which is more secure and transparent. Also it becoming source of modern techs knowledge. It becomes more worthy when platform paid to its users against the engagement. Exactly bulb producing same thing under web3 umbrella to the new generation. Read , write and earn slogan made it unique.

Embarkment of my Heart.
Due to modern revolutionary hubs , lot of streams dried up, going dead , near to collapse. We know when a water source dried up, birds migrate to other destinations. Same law applies in social media where some melt down and new emerge like mountains.

My affiliations are mostly with Publish0x, read.cash and bulb. Unfortunately first two loosing their glory due to bad governance and ecosystem. But this Meme showing my heart beat when I read @BULB Official monthly report - November that bulb community s growing significantly at 7% rate/ monthly. I think every Bulber has same heart feeling of happiness on this Stats that we are part of fast growing community which has bright future and morvolus ecosystem.

That's all for today, hope you amused by my efforts. Thumb up to wow and leave comments for feedback.



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