Month in Review - November 2023

3 Dec 2023

Hello BULBers,

We’re back with BULB’s Month in Review for November 2023!

With Article NFTs now launched, we are now looking ahead towards 2024. Currently, we are in the middle of pushing out a few more new features and making way for the next big feature release. This will be a relatively shorter update, but let’s dive into it! 

User Update: 2,360+ BULBers and Counting

Latest Leaderboard

We were sitting at just 2,200 users last month, and now we just hit 2,360 plus, a solid 7% month-on-month increase. The biggest drivers of this growth has been our SEO performance and growth of our Twitter profile. We are ranking No.1 for major keywords such as Web3 Blogging Platform and Crypto Blogging Platform and have gained over 1,000 followers on Twitter, just this month!

Google Search #1

Google Search #2

This is extremely important as the majority of the internet still discovers new things via search engines such as Google, so having a strong foothold is critical as BULB would need to be well positioned and discoverable to capture the imminent surge in growth of Web 3.0 users.

BULBer Writing Competition #2 

Our first ever writing competition was a success, with a number of our amazing writers on BULB posting content to answer the question “What does Solana’s Do-to-Earn Ecosystem look like a year from now?”

Congratulations to @CapitalThink for taking out this Months competition with Solana is Poised to Lead in Do-to-Earn

So, we will definitely keep this going and run a monthly writing competition!
As a refresher, the best 3 articles will receive a shoutout on our X profile where the community will be able to vote their winner. To enter, simply post an article on the topic between December 7th and December 14th, adding ‘Writing Competition’ as the first tag on your article.

The lucky winner will receive 1,000,000 BULB Tokens and 0.1 SOL to mint their article as an Article NFT. 

Let’s talk about social media for December:

How can Web 3.0 disrupt traditional Web 2.0 social media platforms?

Rewarding Amazing Users on BULB

As usual, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following newly Certified BULB Writer:

Ladyluck has been consistently creating high quality and valuable content to the BULB Platform as well as being active community members from supporting other writers to suggesting new ideas. The BULB Team is grateful for your contributions!

What’s Next?

Current Tipping Feature

Writer Tips Update

Amongst many upgrades and features in the pipeline, the team are currently working on adding $SOL and $USD to the tipping system to expand the cryptocurrencies supported on BULB. This has been a highly requested feature, so for sure we listened to our community and got straight into it, you can expect for this to be released within the month.  

BULB Community Threads

Today, BULB is fundamentally a Web 3.0 Blogging Platform, where the core content posted are long form content. As we continue to expand our audience base, we have decided to make a big strategic to move into the shorter form content space, and create community threads on BULB.

We won’t spoil too much at this stage, and we will leave this to the imagination of the community for now but this feature will promise to take the conversations on the platform to a whole next level.

That’s all for November…Thanks again for your support as always and we are looking forward to December, which will mark a beautiful end to 2023.

-BULB Team

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Onwards and upwards. Great to see the growth of the community but also the great new features coming out on a regular basis. Great work
Thanks for the certified ticker, Bulb all the way
great imagination of the community. Looking forward to seeing more about it. And everything will become truth.
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