6 Sept 2022

Penning down random thoughts that crossed my mind today:, Each paragraph is a different story entirely. 

So, I dreamt of chocolates
And when I woke up they were gone... Poof.. Just like that. I felt so emotionally drained

I took to calling the people I haven't spoken to in like 6 months. Its so fulfilling. You should try it (talking with a mouth full of chocolate)

karma is precarious
it is Joey with the hot tanned body
who rips your heart to shreds
makes you question your entire existence
revolutionizes your world in a blink of an eye
and slowly let's you remember what you did to Austin 

He parted her thighs
She knew what was coming next
She shivered with anticipated pleasure, licking her lips she waited
His face dug into her

I think we need the bigger blows in life first 
So that when the smaller ones come they're more likely insignificant

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