BulbApp Review

30 Apr 2023

Preliminary Review of Bulb App

So I published a video review 2 days ago about Bulb, I thought I would share it here to give my "first impressions" so to speak on BulbApp. I plan to do probably new review later on with further testing and after more updates have been dropped on the site.

Now I let the video speaks for itself so I'm not gonna write extensively here about Bulb, but I'm going to leave a couple of bullet points of things I would like to see in future

  • Better referral tracking system
  • More marketing and direct partnerships with other Dapps in the Solana ecosystem
  • Chain Agnostic features & support
  • Maybe I would like to see some level of a burning mechanism for the token to prevent a massive inflation curve

That's what is in my mind right now, but I'm sure to write about other things if they come into my mind. As some of my followers already know i am on quite many platforms so my time is limited, but I'm hoping to stay active here much as i can and share about crypto stuff with you in future as well.

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