Hamster Kombat Cipher, Pixeltap and Gemzcoin Combo Cards for 20th of June

20 Jun 2024

Hamster Kombat
Hamster Kombat is a Tap to Earn Telegram app where you can upgrade to earn hourly. It’s the first game to integrate investing within the gameplay.

Join the Telegram Hamster Kombat bot here:

Cipher for Hamster for 20th of June: FORK

F . . - .

O - - -

R . - .

K - . -

Combo Cards for Hamster for 20th of June:
- Trading bots (Markets);
- Marketing (Pr&Team);
- Special Hamster Conference (Legal);

Another clicker game after Hamster Kombat. You can play this game as an alternative of Hamster Kombat! Very interesting and addictive!

Join Gemzcoin game:

Combo Cards for Gemzcoin for 20th of June:
- Pickaxe (Gear);
- Hardware wallet (Gear);
- Water Cooled PC (Gear);

Pixeltap by Pixelverse
Pixeltap is a web3 platform that recently introduced a mini-app on Telegram, allowing users, or more accurately, players, to earn points. These points will eventually be converted into $Pixfi tokens once the tokens are launched.

Join the Telegram PixelTap bot here:

Combo Cards for Pixeltap for the 20th of June look for the picture below:

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