17 Apr 2024

Chiang Rai province (Thailand) is home to unique temples with designs that do not follow the style of familiar religious buildings. Located 3 km from the center of Chiang Rai, the newly completed Wat Rong Seua Ten temple, completed in 2016, has become a tourist attraction in Thailand and internationally.

At the current temple construction site, there was an ancient temple abandoned for about 100 years. By 1996, people in the area decided to donate money to renovate this place. In 2005, the project was started and completed after 10 years. At the entrance to the pagoda, there is a statue of a Naga snake that is said to protect the place where Buddha is worshiped.

The project was designed by Putha Kabkaew. He was a student of Chalermchai Kositpipat - the man who presided over the creation of the famous White Pagoda nearby. Therefore, these two works have some similarities in decoration and use many unique features compared to traditional temples and pagodas in Thailand.
The pagoda's name means "Jumping Tiger" and comes from the legend that this land once had many tigers jumping across the nearby river. Therefore, in some decorative details at the temple, you can see their images. However, most people and tourists often call this the Green Pagoda because of the dominant color of the building.

From the outside, Wat Rong Seua Ten seems small, but the interior space is spacious thanks to high ceilings and a system of doors along both sides. The corridor on both sides with majestic columns connects from the front to the back of the temple. Thanks to that, when you step inside, you feel much cooler even though it is hot outside.

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