3 Ways to Improve Your Day

29 Mar 2022

We all live in a busy society that's picking up the pieces after the COVID pandemic.

Restrictions have mostly eased, and the governments seems to be treating COVID more like the common cold. Isolations are still in place but people are more keen than ever for "normal life" to return. Are you ready for this change?

During COVID, we more or less lived a less busy life. Working from home was the norm for many office workers and students. We experienced something that had never happened before. Life slowed down. In fact, COVID has been going on for so long that we might have forgotten just how busy life used to be. It's called COVID-19... and it's 2022.

As we all resume activities like the good ol' days, I hope you appreciate these 3 tips so you can enjoy a healthy return to normal.

Create a book log - if reading is a hobby you picked up during the pandemic, don't let it end! Keep a book log, noting the start and end dates, so that you can keep track of your reading progress.

Drink water - hydration is easily the most underrated small thing you can do to keep your body and mind healthy. The recommended daily amount is around 2.5L per day for men, and 2L per day for women. A good habit is to keep a water bottle on your desk, and take a sip whenever you catch yourself drifting off!

Talk to your family/friends about your day - getting out there and back to normal life may mean less time spent around your family and friends. Don't forget to stay in touch with them by just having a little chat about your day! It takes only 5 minutes, but will leave you feeling so much better.

Take these tips and enjoy life! :)

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