Why the risk of heart attack increases at a young age

23 Aug 2022
Why the risk of heart attack increases at a young age, do not ignore this warning at all:

Sonali Phogat's death has once again sparked the mention of heart disease. What can be the symptoms of heart disease at a young age and then heart attack, why this problem is getting more in young age. 
There was a time when heart attack was heard only after the age of 60 but nowadays it is not happening. Heart disease is taking people of any age in its grip. Changing lifestyle, due to the busy life, bad food habits, many types of diseases are taking place at home. Stress, mental illness, obesity, due to many reasons people are falling prey to heart disease. Earlier no one used to take it seriously, but these days people are becoming aware of heart attack after death at a young age.

Heart Health Alerts:
The symptoms of a heart attack vary from person to person. Even a heart attack of the same person can be different from the previous one. Chest pain or pressure is the most common symptom of a heart attack. It is important to know the symptoms of heart attack for early detection and prompt treatment. Keep in mind that in your everyday life, take care of your health as much as you take care of your loved ones.

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Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, the risk of heart-related diseases has increased in people. Such problems can trigger a heart attack at any time. Actually, due to the formation of clots in the blood, the heart has to work harder to pump, that is, to circulate blood to other parts of the body. Due to this the muscles of the heart start expanding and the shape of the heart starts changing.
According to the American Heart Association, poor lifestyle and bad eating habits are making people prone to heart diseases at an early age. Smoking has emerged as the leading cause of heart disease and heart attack among young people.
A decade ago, age did matter when it comes to heart diseases, as it was one of the major factors that increased the risk of heart diseases. According to health experts, due to stress and work pressure, youth are also becoming victims of heart attack.
More cases of heart attack are being seen in young age. Health experts say that changing lifestyle, stress, not eating right food are the reasons for heart attack. Follow us on In the last few years, the incidence of death due to heart attack has increased.