Reddit NFT Airdrop - Rabbid Series

26 May 2023

Collect your own collectible from the new free series.
Reddit has just dropped it’s latest assortment of Free Avatars. They’re moving fast, but we’ll show you how to land one before they run out.
This series is called the Rabbid Series. There is 6 NFT to collect, with eligible Reddit users able to obtain one for free via the airdrop.
This airdrop has been far more popular than the latest. 12 hours from launch most have been collected, with only two types remaining.

The entire collection can be viewed in the screen cap below.

As you can see, these moved quite quickly!
If you’d like to obtain your avatar you can do so via the link here. This will take you to the avatar section of Reddit. If you’re logged in, you should be able to see where to claim from. You’ll need to be quick though, less than 100k remain!

We decided to go for the Knight avatar. Once its minted, you can either access it from your Reddit vault, or use it as your avatar.

And that’s it! With fast minting, you should be able to claim and receive your NFT reasonably quickly. If you participated in the collection and managed to receive an NFT, drop me a comment. If you missed out, fear not as Reddit seems to be releasing collectible avatars with regularity. There’s also some avatar’s still able to be purchased from the last paid air drop should you want to go that route. You should be available to find them within the existing avatar section.
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Reddit dropping NFTs shows the possibilities of collectibles
This is awesome thanks for the info. Got a knight
I didn't know about the Reddit before, I went through your link provided in this article and registered but I didn't get the airdrop.