Running Mistakes

27 Sept 2022

Knees can wear out due to excessive running; So don't make these 5 mistakes while running:

Running is a simple exercise without any equipment, all you need is good shoes. Running regularly not only makes your muscles and bones strong, but it is also very beneficial for heart health. Running in the morning is more beneficial, as the environment is quite pure during this time, due to which your mental health also improves. There are many other benefits of running such as weight control, blood sugar control, and improved lung health. Although running outdoors is more beneficial, but you can also take the benefits of running through treadmill and spot running. But during running, people often make many mistakes, due to which our knees have to suffer. Today in this article, we will tell you about those five running mistakes that should be avoided so that your joints can remain strong and healthy for a long time.

Running Mistakes And How To Fix It :

Spot running (running standing in one place) is usually done by people in homes, but during running people forget that where they are standing and running because the duty in the houses is firm and the floors are pucca. But running can injure the knees and cause joint pain.
Often people run barefoot or wearing slippers or wearing cheap shoes, while this should not be done because you also have to pay attention to how is the surface of the place where you are running, if the surface is hard then you should get some good Wearing branded shoes should be worn so that your knees do not get hurt and the muscles do not get strained.

  • Fitness experts generally do not consider spot running to be right because running in a closed room deprives you of the benefits that we get free of cost by nature, as well as the open ground surface is not available in spot running, due to which you get benefits. Instead of damage. This can wear out your knees.
  • Always wear cotton clothes while running. The lower, t-shirt and socks should all be of cotton so that your skin is protected. The sweat released from the body during running is easily absorbed in these clothes and you do not have skin allergies.
  • If you are doing normal exercise, then you might not feel thirsty during running, but when you are preparing to participate in running sports or preparing for any recruitment process, then at that time you will have to run for a long time. In such a situation, the possibility of getting dehydrated increases, so to keep yourself hydrated, keep a bottle of water with you so that the problems caused by dehydration can be avoided.

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This article provides valuable insights into common mistakes that runners make and how to avoid them. As a frequent runner, I found the tips on proper form and avoiding overtraining particularly helpful. I will definitely be incorporating these into my routine to prevent injury and improve my performance. Thanks for the great read!
Make another man pikin, run my race 😂
In addition if running around a track for long distances try to run in the opposite direction. So you are balancing out the turns. If starting out don’t overdo it, give your body the time to get used to the increased exertion and demands.
Running can be done at any time in the morning or evening, but doing it in the right way can be good for health. Regular running strengthens the body's stamina