Why we need valentines day

14 Feb 2023

I like this saying: the greatest significance of festivals lies in compensation.

Get together during the Spring Festival, exaggerated colors, sounds, food, parties, entertainment... can make up for the interpersonal relationship and emotional comfort we have been missing all year round;

On Valentine’s Day, the intensive gifts, courtship, and companionship...Of course, it is to compensate for the love we will never lack.

So it's more of an opportunity than a holiday. Those who are suppressed, neglected, insulted and hurt... Today, through some kind of ceremony, they can be healed and compensated.

Because of a dinner, a box of chocolates, and a bouquet of flowers, a woman forgives a man for being indifferent for many days.

For feeling valued.

Today, the boy stands in front of the girl he likes and says what he has rehearsed for a long time. Against the rose-colored holiday background, the meaning is even more grand than usual.

But doing the same thing in normal times seems deliberate. What kind of flowers are you sending gracefully, and you are courteous for nothing, what kind of idea are you thinking of, have you cheated?

Valentine's Day is a great encouragement and a collective acquiescence.

Acquiescing to the revelation of emotions, the exaggeration of ceremonies, the occurrence of irrationality, the arrival of flashy flowers, chocolates, and candlelight dinners, and the silence that breaks our daily barriers, on February 14th, I said affectionately :I love you!

Therefore, although Valentine's Day in my country is not popular, this famous day are not popular, and the origin is full of criticism. Compared with traditional festivals, it is a guest who takes the lead, but there is no way, it is highly sought after and has countless fans. The reason is to go deeper , I think, in addition to the gradual westernization of civilization, there is also the collective "welcome" of love starvation patients.

Single people are empty, lonely and cold, and they need a festival to make them appeal for love and appease their lonely souls;

Couples have misunderstood and broke up, need a chance to reconcile, need a way to prove;

Husbands and wives are monotonous and tired, and need a ritual to let them see the waves of love again in the water of time.

Therefore, as long as we are not consummated, Valentine's Day, as a reminder of love, proof of love, and compensation for love, will always exist.

If there's nothing wrong with Valentine's Day, why do some people still dislike it?

In the end, the essence lies in the collective touch, and it is inevitable to make shows and performances.

Love is weighed by emotion, and emotion must be faithful to the heart. The more complicated the ceremony and the more audiences, the easier it is for us to be influenced by the situation and stage various dramas against our will.

As mentioned above, Valentine's Day is also a kind of compensation. The momentum is huge and the audience is countless. It touches everyone, at the same time, in the same way, expressing the same emotion. It's like somewhere, someone started a program, and everyone responds to the situation and reacts in the same way.

In the name of love, follow the trend, and what you say and do is mostly imitation. Once withdrawn from the social environment, the desire to express drops rapidly.

But it is not easy to escape. When everyone is holding roses, holding chocolates, and knocking on the lover's door, if you don't do it, you will inevitably be considered indifferent, boring, and unmannered.

If you really want to escape, you must overcome loneliness. When everyone is moved, weeping, and happy with one heart, you must have enough courage not to share the sorrow and joy with others, so that you can gain the power of emotional independence instead of relying on laughing at others to save yourself. kind.

Therefore, the best way to deal with it is to meet someone, to be in love with each other, and to have a long history of happiness. There is no need to prove and perform exaggeratedly on a certain day. In a flood of words, it is: As long as you are by my side, every day is Valentine's Day.

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