Mike Novogratz Reacts to Hilary Clinton’s Bitcoin (BTC) Statement

11 Feb 2024





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Mike Novogratz Reacts To Hilary Clinton’s Bitcoin (BTC) Statement

Mike Novogratz Reacts to Hilary Clinton’s Bitcoin (BTC) Statement

There is a war of words ongoing on crypto X as Hilary Clinton took a jab at Bitcoin (BTC) drawing reaction from Mike Novogratz
By Godfrey Benjamin15 hours ago


  • Hilary Clinton sees Bitcoin as a threat to the Dollar as a reserve currency
  • Mike Novogratz reveals the real threat in response
  • Bitcoin's popularity is on the rise post-spot Bitcoin ETF approval

In response to a bold statement about Bitcoin (BTC) and de-dollarization from 76-year-old American politician Hilary Clinton, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has dragged in the impact of the politicians on the valuation and relevance of the US Dollar.

Shifting Blames to Bitcoin on De-Dollarization

Clinton, the Former United States Secretary of State stated in the Bloomberg New Economy Forum that Bitcoin has the potential to undermine the Dollar as a reserve currency. By this statement, the politician was talking about the potential consequences of digital currencies on de-dollarization. 
The concept of de-dollarization involves several entities trying to reduce their dependence on the United States dollar in international trade and finance. To achieve this, these countries turn to alternative currencies or assets, a move that is currently being propagated by the BRICS Group. In this case, Clinton is trying to turn the table on Bitcoin, citing that it is now the main driver in the de-dollarization agenda. 
Meanwhile, Galaxy Digital CEO Novogratz disagreed that Bitcoin is at fault in this case. Novogratz believes that the only thing that can undermine the USD is reckless spending from Republicans and Democrats.

He went on to say that the former US President Trump and incumbent Joe Biden have normalized huge deficits adding that they have put Americans into the worst fiscal crisis of all time.
“Don’t blame $BTC. It is a report card on fiscal responsibility,” the Galaxy Digital CEO declared.

Mike Novogratz Gains Community Support

The members of Crypto X agree with Novogratz on his stance on fiscal management and how Bitcoin comes into the mix.
One individual identified as cryptospringo noted that Clinton’s sentiment is a lack of accountability from both parties. Rather than focus on blaming Bitcoin for the de-dollarization, one X user opined that it is pertinent to make better decisions to secure the nation’s financial stability. 
This is not the first time Novogratz has countered strong opinions about Bitcoin. While on CNBC’s Squawk Box sometime in December, he responded to Jamie Dimon’s slander of Bitcoin, calling it an “epitome of hypocrisy.” He explained that Dimon has consistently remained wrong in his sentiments
Currently, Mike Novogratz’ company Galaxy Digital has an active spot Bitcoin ETF product it launched in partnership with Invesco. This new asset class creates a pathway for investors to escape the dwindling valuation of the Dollar, taking an approach that firms like MicroStrategy have normalized since August 2020.
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