To my brother

2 Jun 2023

You've supported me.
all the while.
Every time I start to fall, you're there to catch me.

You'll be held accountable if I do something wrong, and because of this, I am ashamed.

I never did express to you everything I felt, including how much I truly love you and how you will always be in my heart.

You shielded me from the outside world that caused the facial bruising.
I wish I could wipe away all the tears and blemishes.

You put my life back together when it had fallen apart.
When times were tough, you looked after my heart.

You shielded me from the world with nothing more than the warmth of your touch.
You loved me so much, yet I never expressed my love for you.

Maybe you would stay at home if you knew what I knew.
I may not be alone if you heard what I didn't say.

Maybe you could know how much I want you to stay at home with me if you could see the part of me that I've hidden.

I hope you understand that even if I don't show it, you might assume that I don't care.

Would love to go back.
We have a fresh start.
I don't wish to be alone myself.
I require a friend and a brother.

If you consider me
Consider how much you mean to me and how proud I am of you, Donny, as you defend the nation.

Keep in mind I'll be here.
when you are on the field of combat.
I'll be here to protect you with my love.

Please stay in this planet.
while you are abroad.
Do not abandon this young girl.
Don't go, please.

When you start to soar, keep in mind that I love you if you do have to leave before I say goodbye.

Keep in mind that I will be here all the way through.
Always keep in mind that I care just as much as you do.

You've done a lot for me, but I haven't done much for you.
I sincerely hope you would pardon me for everything I failed to do.

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