25 Sept 2022

You can't be a king forever. So no matter what you think you know or can do, there are a thousand and one who knows it, and can do it much better than you. Don't be blown by the waves of pride and think you're irreplaceable.
While you are asleep, others are working on themselves, pruning all of their excesses, unlearning obsolete stuffs and revamping their skills set with new knowledge.
Some have dedicated themselves to personal development, many are no longer comfortable with their current level of knowledge, thus the quest for new updates.
So, while you pride yourself as the odogwu of your niche. Thinking you've arrived and expecting everyone to call you "senior man" and "boss", just watch your back because others are warming up secretly.
They can see your mistakes, they're observing, many are preparing really hard, some just need the right footings and opportunities, sooner rather than later, they'll leave you behind. 😔
So, in other not to be caught sleeping on a bicycle, there's still work to do. There's need for steady upgrade and personal evaluation.
Before you begin to feel extra special, before you let the high praises of your followers get into your head, before you begin to feel like you're the only one; let it be known that you can still be replaced.
WhatsApp did it to 2go, Google replaced dictionaries, Chukwdumebi did it to Obila, Bro. Davido replaced Chioma 😄 the list is endless joor.
However it is, even if they'll replace you, don't make your replacement to be too easy.


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