Hole in Heart Part-2

6 Sept 2022

5 early signs of a hole in the heart:

1. The body temperature of the baby is always high. Sometimes shivering can be seen even in summer.
2. Milkfeed baby crying or feeling short of breath
3. Sudden sweating or feeling unexplained tiredness
4. Frequent lung infections
5. Slow Weight Gain
6. Turning blue around the lips or yellowing of the body
7. Shortness of breath or baby being uncomfortable while speaking
What to do if a hole is detected in the heart?
If you see the above-mentioned symptoms in your child then you must visit the doctor without delay. Many children have congenital heart defects and fail to seek treatment at the right time due to lack of awareness. Hence, parents should keep an eye on the symptoms and opt for tests recommended by the doctor. The doctor can perform surgery on the child in such a situation. Which may take from a few weeks to months.

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Cases of ventricular dysfunction (VSD) are relatively rare, more serious, and potentially fatal in adults. The most common cause is damage to the heart muscle that causes a hole in the heart after a severe heart attack.
A hole in the heart is a type of birth defect, which is sometimes also due to deficiency. Many times it is caused by taking the wrong medicine, alcohol or smoking during pregnancy. There is also a hereditary reason behind the hole in the heart.
A hole in the heart occurs when the muscle wall between the two ventricles fails to fully form, resulting in these orbits interacting abnormally with each other.