My quest

20 Dec 2022

I've spent the most of my life trying to figure out who I might be, seeking diligently every day out of a frantic want to be recognized.

I've experienced moments of complete fulfillment and moments when I felt like giving up, but I realized that in order to succeed for the sake of my heart and soul, I would need to be strong.

However, the folks around me appeared to be so disoriented that I worried I would be alone myself.
However, someone would eventually come to my aid and let me know I wasn't alone.

I've yearned so much to experience joy and tranquility, and I believed that the suffering and challenges would end once I had gained confidence in myself.

But I've come to realize that this path never ends; new discoveries are made every day, and despite how much I may know about myself, there will still be times when I become lost.

And as I've gotten older, I genuinely think I might not have reached my full potential.
However, the solutions are already within of me and not waiting for me outside.

We're all on this journey to learn about ourselves, individually but collectively, overcoming whatever obstacles that may stand in our way so that one day we can feel better.

But constantly keep in mind to stay close to what is important and what is actually true.
You are not required to be perfect in this life.
You simply need to be yourself in the end.

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