A broken voice

1 Nov 2022

Crawling out of...
Crawling back in
I couldn't walk away
Or run away
Everything turns out to be red
Everywhere seems full of plague
That of misery, pain, and shame

As a wearer of the pride crown
From birth, it seems super difficult
To not dive into non-existent
For the worse snatch the best
In every phase
From every ramification
Of my life

My heart bleeds with grief
My soul cries for help
But it's too late
I'm already pushed aside
Away from good things
By the storm of life
Drowned by the blood river
Withdrawing all breath in me
Floating away to the afterlife 

Where I dream different 
Hoping everything gives way 
For the fruition of joy 
To flow to me 
For my past life sucks 
The path of growth there 
Was blocked and slit 
By the knife of sufferings 
But this day there's hope 
After all, in the future
Where death lies awaiting
To ship me down for good 
To my other life, the life after earth 
An escape from tragedy.

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