Farmers Markets #5: Vote your veAERO and veVELO

26 May 2024

If you aren't familiar with the veTOKEN model then check out my explainer post about this on Bulb

If you want to know more about the analysis here see my post on Bulb

Voting veVELO - Epoch 104

See Dune Dashboard for Epoch details
Velodrome Vote:
Optimism Block Explorer
Birdseye token explorer
Velodrome Epoch Dune dashboard

Epoch 103 rewards

How I votedPool address

How it ended up

We definitely saw a large difference between our projected fees vs our eventual outcome. This time it's easy, we'll just re-lock into our veVELO position.

Who I'm voting my veVELO for this epoch

Who I voted for
Pool address

How I voted

Assessing the rewards

We've been over $TLX before and we're already holding some.


Chart has been positive as of very recently.

And that's been reflected in our holdings.

Those low vAPRs....

For a change of pace let's look at the worse vAPRs. Now some of these LP have no or very low votes (1 & 2) but some still have significant amounts of votes (3 & 4).

So the lesson is two-fold:

  • make sure to update your votes each week
  • if you can't reliably update your votes each week, and you don't want to lock in a relayer, then vote for the LPs with the most fees as you'll more likely see an LP with high fees one epoch have high fees the next one.

Voting veAERO - Epoch 39

Aerodrome Rewards:
Aerodrome Voting
Base Block Explorer
Birdseye Token Explorer
Aerodrome Epoch Dune dashboard

Epoch 38 rewards

How I voted

Pool address

My voting rewards

How it ended up

Rewards were a bit over half what we'd had predicted. So not a bad result. We'll swap the $WAI but add the $VIRTUAL to our exisiting holdings. Though those aren't looking fabulous at the moment.

Who I'm voting my veAERO for this epoch

Who I voted for

How I'm voting

Assessing the rewards

$GHST is from an OG crypto game that is connected to the same team who run the largest lending platform in crypto today: Aave
The game

Those high vAPRs....

$ROCK is a memecoin that is playing off the joke that it's a black rock and there is also a very famous fund manager called BlackRock. It's not super clever but in the realm of memecoins it's definitely well above average.


As goes memecoins, I've seen worse. Still, it's pretty crap.

Over to you

Where are you voting your veAERO and veVELO this epoch?
Let me know in the comments!

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