28 Nov 2022

Today I am going to be covering a relevant topic that has eaten so deep into the society we find ourselves today. This topic is corruption

Corruption can be referred to as a form of dishonesty or a form of criminal activity organized by an individual or group of persons with the intent of compromising the rights of others and their privileges.

There are several ways in which corruption can take place and these are not limited to bribery and embezzlement, corruption just reflects how selfish and greedy humans can be.

What are the several methods of corruption?


Bribery as we all know is one of the most common forms of corruption, this is the improper use of favours and gifts for our own selfish gain.

The favours being offered are so diverse but may include money, sex, gifts etc. The people may do all this just to get a crime overlooked or gain a political position or get a job etc.


This is another major form of corruption that involves one or more persons syphoning funds that were meant for a beneficial purpose for their own personal interest.

This can also be seen as a type of financial fraud.


This is a form of corruption that involves the abuse of power by someone of higher authority, by using their position for personal gains.


EXtortion is quite rampant in society today. Extortion can be accomplished through a means of blackmail.

Extortion is just a process whereby someone gets something illegally by coercing the individual or organization.


Most people are guilty of this, but that doesn't make it right as it is a form of corruption.

Favouritism is when a person places someone He or She knows as a priority over someone else who might be more qualified for a particular thing such as a job etc. Hereby giving the qualified individual little or no chance to get what He or She is qualified for.


Corruption is all around us, we just can't see all of it!