Beautiful Love

3 Dec 2022

This love was just another surprise
You disrupted the daily routine of my boring life
The day we met
Bad vocals but you still made me sing
The holy kid that you made sin
Eventually, I will lose my soul
Because you promised me another one
Probably we will share yours because our hearts have become one
I will do everything I can
To enjoy this experience to the fullest
While I am happy, you will be even happier
She has thought me how to love 
She was patient while I learned 
I never want to stop being her student 
When she speaks all I can hear are butterflies
Fate won't regret the day we met
Fate will be glad it acted that way
I never loved relationships
I never believed love was a real thing
And I never believed humans could reach this height of happiness that I have attained

I hope fate happens to you too that is reading this

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