21 Jun 2023

A small child playing war games, innocent in his fantasies and oblivious to the horrors of reality.

He heard a voice singing songs about how the good men always prevail in a voice full of cadences.

A young guy longs to serve in the military and feels called to shoulder the burdens of others.

To correct the wrongs caused by others' sin, a voice coming from deep within.

He went home with medals attached to his chest after hearing the rising and restlessness of the enemy.

He is a veteran now and bears the wounds of combat, but he never shows signs of flinching.

He sat in a chair in his living room as ominous voices drifted further away.

The groans of those who would never leave his thoughts, people who would always be trapped in time.

They yelled his name as nightmare-inducing footsteps and formless shadows crept by.

He recognized the ghostly voices of former warriors who had perished in battle.

However, a voice that can no longer be silenced is suddenly shouting his name.

A voice that was heard long ago when freedom first started to beckon, a voice that knew not everyone would be able to understand the price of freedom.

As some are ignorant, it is screaming out a warning: "Freedom is under attack and it won't be simple to restore!

Don't let their suffering go in vain; remind them that obtaining freedom cost them pain and blood.

Liberties are being attacked!
Once it's gone, there's no getting it back.

Though the last fee has been paid repeatedly, he overheard a voice that is starting to fade.

Some people won't comprehend until freedom is lost, but he answered the cal
l and is aware of the sacrifice.

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You know that dream, you wake up and don't know how to comprehend it, that's how poems are sometime