An ode

20 Aug 2022

“she liked that he had this effect on her
she sighed contentedly, she never felt this good
she could still feel his taste on her lips
she loved being caressed by him 
he had made a junkie out of her
unfaltered pleasure brimmed within her
he made her feel young again
she loved him 
she loved ice cream”

i just submitted this piece to “the daisy” editor and he loved it, I think this is the beginning of me being an actual writer. Scratch that, I will definitely run out of ideas. 

I fancy myself a poet, sometimes a deep writer, but for all I care I love ice cream and it deserves an ode. I might spend the rest of my life writing an ode to ice cream, it’s more important to me than most humans, it truly deserves one. 

I’m writing this with a mouth full of ice cream 

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Quite intriguing write up
I didnt know you were talking about icecream until read the last line. LOL. This is cute