An Annual Summary

7 Dec 2023

Hello everyone. We're quickly approaching 2024 and I wanted to summarize a year of work on various art projects & passions. It has been 2 full years since I began pursuing my passion to create digital artwork & music.
When this year began I was stretching myself thin working on multiple projects, and ultimately had to abandon quite a few. I have absolutely no regrets as I enjoyed creating all of these works of art, and I learned much more about what I am passionate about. In 2023 I learned a great deal about animation while building these projects as well as a fair deal about community building. Here is a list of projects I had to abandon in 2023.
DapperUndeadSquad : Animated/PFP
DapperUndeadSquad Season 2 (Rarible)
DapperUndeadSquad is a unique collection of designs featuring zombies dressed in stylish clothing repping their favorite cryptocurrency.
DapperUndeadSquad Season 1 was a collection of hand drawn illustrations worked into animations. 50 were created in total.
Season 2 was an expansion of this idea featuring multimedia designs.
Ultimately Season 1 took entirely too long to create animations for each design. It took me an entire year and quite a bit of money to create 50 animations. I have yet to sell a single NFT or appeal to the ETH Community. Perhaps ETH was the wrong Blockchain or Rarible wasn't the proper marketplace, however, after a year of hard work, I have decided to find another use for this artwork in the future & I no longer plan to continue work on DapperUndeadSquad.
EnsuingCrusaders : Animated/Illustrations
EnsuingCrusaders (Opensea)
EnsuingCrusaders is a unique collection of black & white multimedia designs worked into complex animations. Explore a realm of fantasy in the futuristic sci-fi experience.
EnsuingCrusaders ran into the same pitfall as DapperUndeadSquad, however worse in terms of gaining visibility & creating within an efficient time frame. Some of these illustrations took me days, animating them took as much time. I spent an entire year creating 50 illustrations and animations I fell in love with. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sell any of them. Yet again, perhaps I chose a marketplace & Blockchain which made visibility & cost of business difficult. I may continue to work on this project again sometime in the distant future, but it's not set in stone & I will not be resuming work on EnsuingCrusaders anytime soon.
LordsOfMythos : Animated/Storytelling/CardGame
LordsOfMythos (Opensea)
LordsOfMythos was a unique animated card collection featuring mythical characters with creative & thoughtful backgrounds & stories, describing their place within the world of Mythos. Intentions were to raise money to launch an excellent card game/app & allow community members to create proposals & build the rules of the game during development.
I am not abandoning this goal, it will just be very time consuming and costly. I cannot fulfill these goals using the ETH Blockchain & as my community grows, I will relaunch at a later date. This project will require major dedication and I will need to build on it daily. Now is just not a great time for me to do this, so for the near future, I will not be continuing work on LordsOfMythos.

Despite the fact I will no longer be continuing to work on these projects or market them, I will be leaving all of these works minted on the Blockchain to retain proof over my ideas and maintain a level of trust & legitimacy if ever questioned about this work in the future. Until NFTs are recognized by copyright law, I can at least take advantage of the timestamp associated with the NFT to prove ownership. They are also direct links to my professional socials & portfolios.

Despite having to leave these projects behind I have worked on other goals this year and created some unique work I'm very proud of. I have discovered I have a niche for pixel art, and as a way to relax I began a project I believe will take my community to new heights in the future. Here is a list of what I am actively working on moving into 2024.

$NomadLands : Multimedia Pixelated Art Collection
NomadLands (DeSo Dapps: Diamondapp, Desofy,, Desocialworld)
NomadLands is a collection of 1/1 4k Pixelated digital illustrations featuring landscapes, both fiction and non-fiction. This collection places a focus on delivering quality pixelated artwork featured in a nostalgic style many of us experienced in video games as kids. Although the focus is great artwork, this project hopes to create value by utilizing the ease of profit sharing and communication on the DeSo Blockchain.
I began creating pixelated artwork for fun while I felt bogged down with my other projects earlier this year. I launched this project on Diamondapp, a popular app built on the DeSo Blockchain. Within weeks the project began gaining traction and NomadLands has recorded 130+ sales since. A DAO has been launched to give the community power over the creation of tokenomics & the ability to make proposals. All Hodler's may request custom artwork at any time & 40% of the profits from this collection are shared with our community in various ways. Weekly polls are held to reward members & Engagement Battles are regular. This project is small, but if DeSo grows NomadLands grows. We are a blue chip project on a relatively new and under rated Blockchain.
$NomadLands Gen2 - Multimedia Art Collection
NomadLands Gen2 (
NomadLands Gen2 is a unique collection of pixelated Landscapes infused with pop art. Some images are reversing the concept of pop art by focalising the pixelated portion of the artwork. This is a rare concept in the NFT space and NomadLands Gen2 is the Solana expansion of this idea. New Collection, New Style, Same Brand Name ✅
I recently decided a new style has to be shared with another crypto community to expand $NomadLands Fanbase and create more cash flow. Gen2 offers cross chain benefits that aim to empower creators & onboard them to decentralized social media, & social monetization. This collection also shares a portion of its profit with its holders by encouraging use of the discord server. Max rewards can be achieved by participating in both communities 🐂 My goal is to grow both communities organically & provide great artwork while having fun.
The links to all of my current & active projects can be found in my bio!
have a good night & happy holidays Fam ✌️ 😎

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(NomadLands DAO)

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x2 Hunter
ThisAnother frank and fearless update. Love it. I hope many more artists read this and realise that to make successful projects you probably have to have some unsuccessful ones (though who knows what the future brings as you rightly point out).
Another frank and fearless update. Love it. I hope many more artists read this and realise that to make successful projects you probably have to have some unsuccessful ones (though who knows what the future brings as you rightly point out). So good to hear you're seeing some deserved success on an blockchain better suited to fostering creative projects. In that sense have you considered maybe porting your dormant projects to Zora? It's a new L2 (EVM compatible) that has been built for media, and specifically NFTs. I expect there'll be a receptive audience and maybe not a lot of competition in the early days. Never know, you might even get some incentives from that team to move your projects there! New chain often offer incentives to get people across.
I love how transparent and honest you are in your articles, how easy it is to read, your format sounds so human and genuine in a place full of AI driven content, it's refreshing. You are one of the few artists I've met in web3 that inspires, and I have no doubt that you will be really successful with your projects someday. I've tipped you my remaining bulb balance, I don't write here often, I think you'll make better use of them. Keep up the great work!
I like participating in airdrops, and I will try this too hope i will be lucky to have benefits from it. I believe something good will come out of it.
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