Healthy Fat Foods:

19 Aug 2022

Things that will give healthy benefits without increasing obesity, start eating today:

Include these things that come in Good Healthy Fat Food in your diet from today, they will not increase your weight, but you will get energy. You will get many benefits.
People think that fat food is very harmful for the body. Fat means obesity, whereas it is not so. There are many types of fat food, Bad Fat and Good Fat. In such a situation, you must include good fat in your diet.
Healthy Fat Mono Unsaturated and Poly Unsaturated Fat which are very good for health especially good for heart. Good fats help in controlling insulin by reducing LDL. Along with this, they give energy to the body and also give strength to the muscles. Let us know from which things you get good fat, which is important to consume.

Healthy Fat Food Benefits:
  • First of all, you should get rid of the illusion that fat means many diseases, obesity. Rather, you will not get fat from fat but many diseases will be removed. Keep in mind what kind of fat you are taking.
  • Digestion works smoothly by eating good fat food. It also helps to dissolve vitamins A, D and K. Due to this, the deficiency of adipose tissue is fulfilled and insulin is provided in the body.
  • Doctors recommend that if you want to develop the brain, then you should keep eating good fats.
  • Inflammatory diseases can also be eradicated from the root by eating fat food. In addition, it is also a good source of energy.
  • Good fats also help in allowing you to sleep well. Consumption of fatty acids lowers the level of DHA and then the hormone melatonin is released in the body, due to which it helps in sleeping
  • Health experts believe that if your bones remain strong, then the reason for this is good fat. It is believed that if fatty acids increase in the body, then the amount of calcium of bones also increases, which leads to strength.
  • The body temperature also becomes normal due to the consumption of fat food, so it is necessary to consume it.
  • For skin, definitely take good fat to stay away from stress.

Good Fat Food list:

  • Cheese
  • Dark chocolate
  • Seeds
  • Egg
  • olive oil
  • Ghee

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To burn body fat, you should eat almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Eat these nuts whenever you feel hungry. They are nutritious and at the same time fill the stomach. Eating dry fruits is good for health and the body's metabolism becomes good. Eating dry fruits also brings a lot of energy to the body. If you want to consume dry fruits only for weight loss, then eat them in regular quantity every day at regular time. This will create a routine for the body.
What do people do to lose weight? As far as exercise is fine. But later when it comes to dieting, people first start reducing the fat from their plate. Which is a wrong move. Good fat also starts decreasing from the body due to the ups and downs. Non-vegetarians can get good fat through fish and meat. When it comes to vegetarians, they have less options. Vegetarian people usually eat a lot of things like butter, cheese, cream to meet the required amount of fat. Those who are conscious about their health, they stay away from it completely.
Often whenever we think about keeping ourselves fit, the first thing we do is remove fat from our diet. While we forget that healthy fat serves as essential nutrients in your diet. It provides energy to the body, so that you are able to do your work diligently. First of all it is important to know what are saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fat is that which remains stored even at room temperature, its use in excess is harmful to health and heart.
Fats are the most important role in increasing body weight. We get these fat in food and drink. The foods that are usually used in Indian food are used. Most of them have unhealthy fat. That is why diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attack are increasing continuously in India. If you include some healthy fat foods in your diet instead of these unhealthy fats, then your weight will start to decrease instead of increasing and the body will also be healthy. So today we are going to tell you some such healthy fat food items.