First Day On Bulb.

2 Aug 2022

I’m so pleased to finally get into this platform. I’ve heard so much about Bulb so I had to be following up the project and its recent updates on Twitter. I was finally lucky to get into the platform and see things for myself. 
Write to earn is a very cool development in the crypto space. Being able to share your ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experience about certain things in life for other people to see through writing and also being able to earn from it is amazing.
I can’t express how excited I am to be able get into Bulb. Sincerely I’ve been waiting for while and watching closely to see the next access code to gain access. I must say it’s a huge privilege for me to be here at this stage of this project because in a very short time we’ll get to see how early we were to adopt  Bulb.
Big ups to the team behind this great project for being able to bring something this awesome to the Solana Ecosystem. 

Write & Read to Earn with BULB

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