IPFS will build a brand new Web3.0 world

27 Jan 2023

What does a secure network mean to users?

Due to the limitations of the current HTTP technology, the security of the network is worrying, and network security issues have been exposed continuously. There are endless problems such as theft of FaceBook user information. It can be said that the privacy problem of the public is already very serious. I believe that many people have experienced receiving various online fraud calls. This is the consequence of a serious leak of personal privacy.

So is a centralized network important to us?

Centralized servers store a large amount of data, which also provides some privileges for vendors who provide server storage. They can access personal data without the user's knowledge. Objectively accelerate the risk of user data being leaked. If the appliance wants to regain control of its personal data, the traditional centralized storage technology needs to be completely subverted.

The emergence of IPFS distributed storage technology gives us hope. Its unique advantages of decentralization, immutability, and natural resistance to various attacks have become a new hope for the public.

What is content addressing?

One of the core technologies of IPFS is content addressing technology, which generates a file-specific digital password during file storage, called a hash value. It is formed based on the content itself. When the content of the file is modified, the hash value also changes. The hash value is equivalent to the fingerprint of the file, making each file unique. We cannot reconstruct a person through fingerprints, it will only identify the file without harming the original data of the file. Nor can it just copy data from the hash. To put it bluntly, the node that stores the file for you cannot know the specific content of your storage.

In addition to the protection of privacy, IPFS distributed can also greatly increase the transmission speed of the network. Based on content addressing, we don’t have to start transmission from the source data every time, but only from the nearest file storage device in a point-to-point manner. Upload and download files, the download speed is obviously increased. This technology can increase download speed while reducing the demand for network bandwidth .

The demand for IPFS in the Internet 3.0 era

In the Internet 3.0 era, Internet technology must have made considerable progress. By then, data will have a blowout increase. The existing centralized storage model cannot meet the increasing data storage needs of the day. At the same time, there will be negative aspects such as high cost and increased management difficulty. problem.

At this time, the IPFS distributed storage network will crush the current storage technology with its technical advantages and become the mainstream storage mode in the future. And more than that, due to the drawbacks of HTTP technology, its technology will be gradually replaced by IPFS, and a large number of Internet applications will be built on IPFS. At this time, a new Internet ecology will be formed, and a decentralized Internet world will come.

IPFS is a disruptive technological change. In the era of web3.0, it will build a brand new distributed network.

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